Saturday, December 14, 2019 Has the government forgotten about battery swapping? RN Bhaskar – September 12, 2019 When the government announced its plans to usher in electric vehicles (EVs), it was jumping the gun.  It should have worked on a battery policy first.  Why? The following... Solar pumps and water mismanagement -- NDDB and KUSUM RN Bhaskar – 29 August, 2019 The introduction of solar pumps in the Indian market was thought to be the perfect solution for aiding farmers in arid regions with neither electricity nor... Auto sector revival key to economic revival RN Bhaskar – August 22, 2019 Budget reviews are normally written within a fortnight after the papers are tabled in Parliament.  This belated review comes in the wake of sharply declining sales, slashing of... India's milk interests sought to be sabotaged by bureaucrats RN Bhaskar – 15 Aug 2019 Milk is one of the most strategically important industries for India.  It is one which has spawned Asia’s largest agricultural brand in Amul.  It has witnessed... Niti Aayog is wrong to recommend water desalination RN Bhaskar – August 8, 2019 Last fortnight, Niti Aayog, the national official think-tank, came up with a proposal that -- in order to address the country's water woes -- desalination plants should... Ignoring waste management could cripple three key schemes of PM Modi RN Bhaskar -- August 1, 2019 Three schemes of Prime Minister Narendra Modi are truly pathbreaking – at least where India is concerned.  One is Swachh Bharat, The other is... Cities haven't yet learnt how to deal with water and the environment RN Bhaskar – 18 July, 2019 Crisis, it is believed, brings out the best – or the worst – in people.  So it was when Mumbai experienced its predictable... Judicial delays, import duties and corruption make business a high cost affair RN Bhaskar – 11 July 2019 When Prime minister Modi won at the hustings with a thumping majority, there was a resurgence of hope.  Maybe, Modi 2.0 would be... India's blindness - for water and waste water RN Bhaskar  -- 4 July 2019 If one goes by news reports, it would appear that the government is trying to sort out the impending water crisis on a war footing. That is... Curb snooping and draconian powers of the taxman RN Bhaskar – 27 June, 2019 Last fortnight, the government -- in a move aimed at stanching corruption in the income tax department -- dismissed from service 12 senior income tax officers (